Are You Putting Your Child at Risk of Obesity Early On?

Are You Putting Your Child at Risk of Obesity Early On?

I was the fat kid in school. But my weight didn’t pick up until around middle school.

I wasn’t teased or bullied, but I knew I was different. And it was because of my weight. I was the BIG girl – how they referenced me when talking to others – and oddly, I was okay with it.

The numbers grew and grew and even in adulthood, with some loss, I’m still the big girl, the confident big girl. I promised myself that if I were to ever have kids, I’d want my son or daughter to grow up living a healthier lifestyle. Doctors label me obese and that’s never a good thing to hear because of the effects it has on your body: diabetes, sleep apnea, finding clothes that fit properly and so much more. 1 in 3 kids in America are OBESE or OVERWEIGHT! Scary huh!

That’s why being aware of the risks of your child being in the danger zone need to be addressed. Potential weight problems can be prevented without shaking a child’s self-confidence. Here’s how – start with getting and keeping your child active. Kelley Heyworth adds that eating the right amount of good food… read it here! 

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