I’m Single and Not Sad About It

I’m Single and Not Sad About It

Listen to me clearly – Singleness is not a disease. Let me say it again – Singleness is NOT a disease. So stop running from it. Stop jumping from one relationship to another. Stop denying yourself the opportunity to heal, grow and be ALONE!

I’ve been there. I’ve lowered my standards. I even lied to myself saying I was cool with not having a title. And if you’ve done some adulting (I know it’s not a word, but you understand), you have too! You have dealt with the period of being single again and found out that it’s not that bad after all. (pat yourself on the back)

Psssss…. I have a little secret, I think I’ve become a little too confortable with being single too – that’s the scary part, but we’ll have that conversation in another blog. Being single means you don’t have to deal with messy breakups. To see the other 11 reasons why being single is not a sad thing, click here!

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