This Month’s Mom of the Month is Jackie Marino who was nominated by her sister!

I’d like to nominate my sister, Jackie Marino, that is a simply phenomenal/amazing/awesome single mother of 5. She works full time, goes to school part time for mechanical engineering maintaining a 4.0 gpa, receives an insultingly miniscule amount of child support, has paid off her car, maintains a beautiful outlook on life, and has inspired her children to do well in school, and taught them more about unconditional love and support than anyone can imagine. My kid sister is my inspiration. ❤️

This Month’s Mom of the Month is kimberly Richards!

I would like to nominate myself! I feel like it is ok to pat self on back every now and then. I am single mom of a 8 year old daughter. I been able to jungle multiple hats and ensure she has great life. I have done a great job considering that I have had failed relationships, change in income and lack of support, struggle with hearing disability, the lists goes on. My daughter Kayla thinks the world of me and considers me a super hero! In one of her modeling shows, she chose to dress as her idol, which was her mommy! I just love seeing her smile and telling me she loves me daily! It will always just be the two of us.

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Chiemeri!

My name is Ashley Toman and I wanted to recommend one of my best friends for this award. Her name is Chiemeri and she’s probably one of the best mothers ive ever met. She puts her children first all the time no matter what, even if that means risking her own social life in order to give those children a wonderful life. She works hard so that she has enough to invest in our music career, she recently did a song with slim thug (double life) and she rehearses 24/7, practices, works full time, keeps in shape and is the most amazing mom to her two beautiful babies Moriah and Aaliyah. She’s not only a great mom but she’s also a humble mom. When I point out how amazing of a mom she is and how I want to be like that one day when I’m a mom and just says this is how her own mother raised her and putting her children first isn’t even a question. I’m really not sure how she does it, but somehow she manages to and does a damn good job at that!! I love Chiemeri and value our friendship and really admire her as a mom which is why I nominate Chiemeri for the “Singles Moms Rock” award. She’s really very deserving of this and I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserves it more.

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Denise Jones!

I’m a single mother of 3, 26 year old son (lives in New York), 10 and 11 year old daughters who live with me. I’m currently in graduate school working on my PhD in psychology. I’m in internship so my hours have been crazy and I have often felt like a neglectful mother because I’m away from home so much. My family is very supportive and being a single mom would be wayyyy more difficult if I didn’t have them. My daughters are cheerleaders and very social. My son is a visual merchandiser in New York. All of my children are happy and keep me motivated and ground. I love being a mother and believe it’s the most important job in the world.

Thank you all for he continued support and encouragement.

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Taylor Jefferson!

“Being a single mother is one of the most challenging and yet still rewarding tasks God has given me this far! My son is one of the primary motivating factors in my life to remind me to strive for greatness.”

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Jackie who was nominated by her sister Jessica!

My Sister is a very hard working mother of my three wonderful boys,which one is autistic . My sister works very hard to make sure her boys have a roof over their heads and food on the table. Also, going to physical therapy for my nephew to improve his autistic challenges that sometimes my sister doesn’t have time to herself with no help from the dad after he became addicted to pain killers . My sister is our definition of a true super mom. She would absolutely be greatful with a yr supply of gain that will not only save money in her pockets to go towards my nephews & her bills , but with having three boys means alot of dirty clothes. Lol.

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Tara Monreal!

I’m 39 yrs old. Divorced mom and the oldest of three girls. Owner of Honorable Demolition LLC. Moved to San Antonio to finish nursing school Have a yr to go. I have one son, Jayden and he will be four in two weeks. Loving life right now with no worries!

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Melissa Powers!

I live in Houston. Born and raised here. I am a single working mom. I work for an engineering firm here in Houston where I split my time between 2 offices: one in the energy corridor and one downtown. My son Daniel goes to Montessori school while I’m at work. He turns 2 next month so I’m planning a party! Like all single parents, it’s a challenge balancing work and kid, but I feel comfortable with my capabilities. I get help from my family as needed, but for the most part, it’s just the two of us! Needless to say I love my son, even though he drives me crazy most of the time, lol!

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Miyah Butler!

Being a Mom period has been one of my most astounding accomplishments!! Being a single mom has been one of my biggest challenges. I have to constantly remind myself that, regardless the hand I’ve been dealt, that my boys need me more than anyone else. Every step that I take and every decision I make will have a direct effect on their lives. I try to make sure they constantly see a smile on my face. They need that positive energy flowing into them. It takes a lot of lists, a good planner, and patience!!!!

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Kaysha Pree!

Being a single parent is mystical. It brings about new adventures and experiences every day. I am a young, energetic professional that provides leadership over 7 employees in residential management. I believe that leading by example is too clichè and I am a transformational leader that believes that everyone on the team contributes to the success of an organization. My daughter, Jayce Milan, is a bright and loving soon to be 3 year old. Her personality will light up any room that she enters. She is the youngest of 5 grandkids so of course she is a tad, ok a lot, of spoiled. Every single day I am amazed at something she says or does so it is never ever a dull moment with her around. She is for sure, my best friend.❤

This Month’s Mom of the Month is LaToya Pineapple Charles!

Being a single mom has been the ultimate challenge in my life, because I want to give my daughter the love and support I had being raised in a dual parent home. My daughter understood very early, it was her and I against the world and we encourage each other daily to reach our goals. I am proud to say she will be graduating from Hightower H.S. Next year and I will also be obtaining my BS in Human Services Management in Dec. 2017. God is good.

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Tamara McCarthy! Here’s her letter…

I think that my mom, Tamara McCarthy, deserves to be recognized as your single mom of the month because she never gives up on her dreams for herself and for her kids. Everyday she works to better herself and to be a motivating factor in the lives of my brothers and I. She has shown us time after time the value of hard work, self-respect, and prayer. She has always been consistent in showing us that through God all things are possible, that nothing works but work, and that we are special and should always love ourselves. My mom is the only parent that we have ever needed and we are forever and always grateful that we were blessed with such an amazing parent. She’s the strongest person that I know and I honestly do not know where I would be without her love, care, and guidance. That’s why I believe that my mom should be your rockin single mom of the month!

Thank you! :)

Jasmine McCarthy

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Rebecca Seymour! Her mother nominated her! Here’s her letter…

I would love to nominate my daughter who is a single mom to our 1 yr old granddaughter who needs a little pick me up because she works 2 jobs to take care of her daughter. She never complains even when she is so tired and can’t barely take time for herself. She needs a little joy to lift her spirits…
Her name is Rebecca (Bolton) Seymour.

Thank you! :)

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Margartia Falcon! Her friend Karina nominated her. Here’s her letter

Margarita’s daughter Zayda has been fighting kidney disease for at least for 5yrs and she is 13yrs old. Zayda was on a waiting list for a kidney donor, she recently had a transplant done. Margarita has devoted her time to be a stay at home mom for daughter once she was diagnosed, to also to take care for her son and other daughter. She’s been ripping and running to the medical center for checkups/lab work, dialysis and manages to take them to school, involve in her kids sports and also involve with her church. She’s been part and in the board committee for Lindale Athletics for years. She’s done so much for the little leaguers and community. Everything she’s done as a single parent. She’s an inspiration and amazing person in my eyes. Margarita rocks!

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Cortney! Congrats!! She was nominated by her friend Quiana.

Living in Atlanta, GA by way of Maryland, Cortney, who is also known as Freedom, wears many hats. She is a massage therapist, author, and mentor with her most rewarding role being a mother.

Cortney’s journey includes losing her mother at a young age to becoming a Jet Beauty to being arrested and locked up in Trinidad to triumph and freedom.

Today, while running her business, Cortney (aka Freedom) is also encouraging men and women all over the world through her book, “Freedom: How I Became Her”.

This Month’s Mom of the Month is Jasmyn Montgomery! Congrats!! She was nominated by her friend Emma. Here ‘s her letter…

I would like to nominate my good friend Jasmyn Montgomery from Birmingham, Alabama. She is an amazing single mom of a wonderful 7 year old. She’s a hard working corporate accountant and loves to give back to her church and community. She spends time bettering herself and making sure she helps her son create his own reality from his desires to be in music. She is not only an amazing mother she is an amazing friend!!!

This month’s Mom of The Month is Juanita Staten!!! Congrats!! She was nominated by her friend Evelyn in Houston, TX. Here is her letter…

I’d like to nominate 34 year old Juanita Staten as your Single Mom of the month. Juanita is a great person for this recognition. I have known her since 2000, when we met our freshman year in college. She has grown so much since then and I am very proud of all of her accomplishments. We keep in contact through social media and one of the first things you will notice about her is the true definition of love she has for her son. Even with maintaining her own social life and great fitness regime, she’s always praising her son for good grades, attends most, if not all of his school events and just joined a new church family where she and her son dedicated their lives to Christ.

Juanita and I started college together, and although we didn’t finish together, she never lost sight of reaching her goal. She has since graduated with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, gained full certification as a highly qualified teacher and helped the Special Olympics team win 2nd place of the Arlington State Basketball competition as Head Coach for Fort Bend ISD. She did all this while being a single mom. She did not give up and remembers how her mom struggled financially raising her and her siblings. Though she appreciates where she is now in life, Staten admits that it has not always been easy. She used school loans as a second source of income to help pay for her needs.

Juanita has not missed a game of her son’s sports activities. She is a Kindergarten teacher and loves being a mom to Caleb.

This month’s Mom of The Month is Brandi Kidd!!!1 Congrats Brandi!! She was nominated by her neighbor Jamie Kroerber in South Carolina. Here is her letter…

I’d like to nominate Brandi Kidd from Lownedsville, SC. She has 2 beautiful daughters and a grandson to! She’s 37 however, like many of us single mothers, started her life over again several years ago with nothing but a box of clothes. She helps her oldest daughter whose 20 and in college raise and take care of her son. Well, unexpectedly over Christmas, she found out her other daughter whose just 16, is going to be a teen mom as well. I can only imagine the strength it takes for her to do it all alone. Brandi has not only provided for her 2 daughters, but she has also helped me since becoming her neighbor in May. I to am a newly begun single mom of 2 boys. My husband of 10 years decided not to come home bc I fell ill with Lupus. When my own Moms hands are full then its Brandi who has helped me get to my dr, the store, you name it. We all have our own start over stories as single mothers however, we also all share one major quality, our strength to endure. We’ve also all heard it takes a strong women to be a Mom and a Dad. But ya know, it takes a real kick ass women to be a great friend, a Mom, Dad, grandma and grandpa. This is why I hope you will consider her for the single mom winner. Some people just really deserve a little acknowledgement/appreciation sometimes. She is definitely one who does.

This Month’s Single Mommy of The Month is Dreisha Houston and she was nominated by her mother…

I would like to nominate my daughter Dreisha Houston for single mom of the month. She is the mother of a 27 month old boy who is full of life and energy!! She works full time and is taking online classes full time to make a better life and a brighter future for them. Sometimes she’s up all night and has to go to work the next day to make sure she gets her assignments in on time so she gets good grades, but she NEVER complains. Since having her son she has had to take a pay cut so she recently moved to Houston to be closer to family so she can get the help and support she needs until she gets an Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration. She loves people and loves to see them succeed and will do whatever she can to help others. She enjoys pouring into others her life experiences to encourage them and let them know there’s hope in their situation. Thank you for considering her for this prestigious honor!!!

This Month’s Single Mommy of The Month is Rebecca Cabezas and she was nominated by her daughter Deziree

Every single mom deserves a reward for all their hard work, thank you just isn’t enough. My mother has done her very best to give me everything I needed and wanted all on her own while living off of a teacher salary. Now and days teachers don’t get paid the money they deserve for all the work they do. Not only do they work normal school hours but they also have to find time to grade (after school and on the weekends) and attend every meeting required by the district (during school and in the summer), not to mention dealing with 120+ kids with their own personalities, attitudes, and backgrounds. A teachers job is never done. Yet my mother, Rebecca Cabezas, still found time for me.
With a low income, and a busy schedule, my mom still found a way to put me into sports (softball & basketball), and get me to and from games and practices. Since I didn’t have a dad around to teach me how to play, she would practice with me in the back yard or she would find an open field or court. Also, for these sports, the team would have to travel all over the state. No was not in my mom’s vocabulary. She made sure that I was happy. If that was something I wanted to do, she made it happen. No matter how exhausted she was, when we would get home she would help me with my homework and cook us dinner.
As I got older, the problems teens dealt with got more difficult. Every time I had a problem, she would help me through it. Even if the conversation were awkward she would still be there to listen and give me advice. We helped each other when times got tough. There were times she was stressed wondering how she was going to pay the bills, wishing she had another income coming in like married couples. But she never gave up. She sells candles on the side to her peers for a little extra money to make ends meet. Additionally, she took on another task at work being a cheerleading coach which also gave her extra money. Teenagers have the biggest attitudes, and I’m guilty of it. Every mother and daughter fights and argues. Tension between girls can get high. There wasn’t a male figure around to put me in my place when I got out of hand or talked back to my mom. Yet she always put her foot down and disciplined me when needed.
Looking back, my mother never took time out for herself. From when I was 7 to now. She barely went out with friends, barely went on dates, she was always focused on me. Nothing held my mother back from giving me the world. Not even when her mother, my grandma, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I never saw her cry or be sad. She was always so strong. She always gave me her all. She always made sure I knew I was her first priority. She made sure I was happy even though she may not have been. Today I am 19 years old, working at an Engineering Company, going to college, with my own car. I think she did a hell of a job raising me on her own and I wouldn’t change a thing. Now it’s my turn in life to give back to her. Thank you just isn’t enough.

Dr. Tisha Rowe AKA @TheAbDoctor is a Native of Miami, Florida. She relocated to Houston 6 years ago. She has one son (Chase) who is 3 and 1/2 years old and the epicenter of her universe.

“Being a CEO and physician people are always shocked to learn i am a single mom. My advice to single moms is to always make time for yourself even if it means leaning on family and friends. Its okay to ask for help, even if you are a solo parent, you are not alone in the world.”
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