Fatih Over Fear + Spring Break on a Budget!

Fatih Over Fear + Spring Break on a Budget!

Me and my daughter Alani hit the road earlier this week for Spring Break! Not having a job was not going to stop me from giving my daughter THE ultimate vacation. So, I created a tight budget and we stuck to it. For REAL! While hiking up to the lighthouse at Palo Duro Canyon, we encountered a hidden message…

Here’s the video!

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Kelly Rowland’s:  Whoa Baby!

Kelly Rowland’s: Whoa Baby!

No matter how much you prepare,  or ask those ‘did your baby…’ questions to your mom, friends or family members, are you REALLY ever ready to have your first child. You read every book there is about feeding, bathing, choosing a name, napping, diaper changing and the list goes on, but hey – there’s nothing quite like experience being the best teacher.

Mom of two year old Titan, Kelly Rowland, is set to debut her tell all book Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out, March 2017!

Rowland herself says she was frightened by what a baby had done to her body… to find out what else she’ll be sharing in her new book, click here! 

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Why Collaborate and Not Compete

Why Collaborate and Not Compete

In case you haven’t noticed, collaborating and partnering with others is the new entrepreneurship. But when you really think about it, reaching larger audiences, co-working and sharing your vision and goals with like minded people, it does make sense. Speaker, author and teacher Jotina Buck says in her latest blog ‘Competition is the Old Model, Collaboration is the New Model’ that when working with others, “you have to commit to being a part of something that is bigger than yourself.”

Collaboration is not about losing your identity, but… read more here!

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