How Does My Kid Feel About Me Quitting My Job?

How Does My Kid Feel About Me Quitting My Job?

This week, I spoke to my super awesome kid Alani @alanirocksofficial about her thoughts on me quitting, what she thinks she will miss about @979thebox, things that MUST change for the both of us and more! Be sure to subscribe for updates and exclusive prizes on my page and check out the video diary every Thursday at 2PM to keep up with my journey!

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Why Worrying Less About Your Kids and Drugs Isn’t Such a Bad Idea!

Why Worrying Less About Your Kids and Drugs Isn’t Such a Bad Idea!

I never thought the day would come where I wouldn’t tell my teen son or daughter to put their phone away or I’d be that parent who wouldn’t limit their amount of screen time, whether it be smartphone, tablet or computer use. They’re millennials  and there’s no getting around it. It’s a common thing to do and I just have to come to terms with it, whether I want to or not. That day has come and you might want to open your arms and accept it too.

We pay bills, set up meetings, share music, SKYPE and anything else you can think of, on our smartphones. We move about our day hardly without the use of a one. I’m pretty sure there’s an app for whatever you need to do and Matt Ritchel in ‘Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs with Smartphones?’ shares why there’s a decline in the use use of alcohol and drugs with teenagers. He says that smartphone and tablets usage has exploded over the last decade causing… read the full story here! 


Kelly Rowland’s:  Whoa Baby!

Kelly Rowland’s: Whoa Baby!

No matter how much you prepare,  or ask those ‘did your baby…’ questions to your mom, friends or family members, are you REALLY ever ready to have your first child. You read every book there is about feeding, bathing, choosing a name, napping, diaper changing and the list goes on, but hey – there’s nothing quite like experience being the best teacher.

Mom of two year old Titan, Kelly Rowland, is set to debut her tell all book Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out, March 2017!

Rowland herself says she was frightened by what a baby had done to her body… to find out what else she’ll be sharing in her new book, click here! 

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Are You Putting Your Child at Risk of Obesity Early On?

Are You Putting Your Child at Risk of Obesity Early On?

I was the fat kid in school. But my weight didn’t pick up until around middle school.

I wasn’t teased or bullied, but I knew I was different. And it was because of my weight. I was the BIG girl – how they referenced me when talking to others – and oddly, I was okay with it.

The numbers grew and grew and even in adulthood, with some loss, I’m still the big girl, the confident big girl. I promised myself that if I were to ever have kids, I’d want my son or daughter to grow up living a healthier lifestyle. Doctors label me obese and that’s never a good thing to hear because of the effects it has on your body: diabetes, sleep apnea, finding clothes that fit properly and so much more. 1 in 3 kids in America are OBESE or OVERWEIGHT! Scary huh!

That’s why being aware of the risks of your child being in the danger zone need to be addressed. Potential weight problems can be prevented without shaking a child’s self-confidence. Here’s how – start with getting and keeping your child active. Kelley Heyworth adds that eating the right amount of good food… read it here! 

Be sure to check out some healthy desserts and snacks you and your kids can enjoy from our friends over at! Visit their site here!

I’m Single and Not Sad About It

I’m Single and Not Sad About It

Listen to me clearly – Singleness is not a disease. Let me say it again – Singleness is NOT a disease. So stop running from it. Stop jumping from one relationship to another. Stop denying yourself the opportunity to heal, grow and be ALONE!

I’ve been there. I’ve lowered my standards. I even lied to myself saying I was cool with not having a title. And if you’ve done some adulting (I know it’s not a word, but you understand), you have too! You have dealt with the period of being single again and found out that it’s not that bad after all. (pat yourself on the back)

Psssss…. I have a little secret, I think I’ve become a little too confortable with being single too – that’s the scary part, but we’ll have that conversation in another blog. Being single means you don’t have to deal with messy breakups. To see the other 11 reasons why being single is not a sad thing, click here!