Top 100 Single Mom Blogs & Websites

Top 100 Single Mom Blogs & Websites

Heyyyy mommies!!! I wanted to share a website with you of the Top 100 Single Mom Blogs and Websites (we made #60 YEAH!).

It is filled with everything from budgeting, adoption, having twins to mommies finding their true happiness again in life!

Just click this link  to read all about it! And don’t forget to tell us which ones you like the best!


I Quit My Job: Budgeting as a Single Parent with @clevergirlfinance

I Quit My Job: Budgeting as a Single Parent with @clevergirlfinance

Finances and Parenting!!! I got a chance to chat with Bola Onada Sokunbi of @clevergirlfinance about the challenges of single parenting and entrepreneurship along with this new sense of freedom of living in my purpose.

Things have changed over the last 3 months for me and my budget looks a lot different from when I was making six figures a year at my previous job. I used to shop at Target once a week – literally. But now, I am very intentional with my purposes and I have to pay attention to what I am spending. Recently I opened up my daughter’s savings account and this year, she wants to visit Hawaii!!!

Of all places, she wants to one of the most expensive trips yet, to the Aulani resort this year. But guess what, we have a budget and a plan for it! See how we are STILL going to save for our annual trip to Hawaii here! 

As always, I love you all. Thanks for your DM’s, messages, inboxes and checking on me. The journey continues….

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Don’t Break the BANK for Christmas

Don’t Break the BANK for Christmas

With the holiday season here, it’s filled with cheer and plenty of spending.   The holiday season has turned into a time of the year where the quantity of material possessions trumps thoughtfulness and the true reason for the season.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah; they all symbolize spending time with loved ones.   This is the time of the year when stores and credit card companies make a killing getting shoppers to overspend.  The holiday season allows individuals the chance to rationalize overspending and to dust off credit cards.  These should be the days of Giving Thanks and being Jolly, Merry and Bright!  Not Broke, Greedy, Stressed and In Debt.  So who says we have to go into debt to enjoy the Holiday Season?  Let’s NOT break the bank for just Christmas sake!

We don’t have to give in to the temptation and overextend ourselves financially for the sake of buying unnecessary gifts.  So, here are some tips to attempt to get through the holiday season without any new debt. 

List & Limits 

Create a holiday shopping list, set a spending limit for each person and only buy for who’s on it.  Leave your emotions at the door. With sales and deals in every retail window, it’s easy to get sucked into purchasing items that you never planned to buy.  Using the money you have set aside in your budget, or using cash you have readily available (don’t use credit), create a cash-only Holiday budget – and stick to it!  Keep track of your spending. Remind yourself of all other debt responsibilities like your car payment, rent or mortgage, etc. that will be still be due after the holiday season. 

Cash Christmas

Pay cash, pay cash, pay cash. Christmas Savings Clubs and Christmas Bonuses are cash options that allow debt free spending.  Avoid using credit cards and do not charge purchases.  Buying gifts with cash will avoid the unwelcoming surprises, interest rates and fees that will come knocking in January. When the cash is gone, stop shopping and refuse to use credit. 

Thoughtfulness over cost

Pay attention to family and friends and purchase gifts that make the person feel special.  Pay attention to hints or comments throughout the year.  And, do not rule out handmade gifts. Sometimes handmade gifts mean the most.  Remember the cliché’, “It‘s the thought that counts”?  Well, it may be corny, but it’s true.  Put time into choosing the gift that the person wants, not the gift that makes you look generous. 

Start Saving for Next Christmas

Christmas is the same time every year, yet somehow we manage to wait until the last minute to make purchases, often without a budget. Consider joining a savings club or opening a savings account that you can’t touch. By putting away $50 each month you will have $550 to spend by the time Christmas rolls around. Also consider picking up gifts throughout the year, which will definitely be easier on your wallet come December. 

Buying gift cards monthly or every pay period is an automatic saver for year-end holiday spending.  These gift cards can be used to purchase Christmas gifts for family and friends or just given as gifts themselves. 

We tell ourselves it is fine, we will worry about it in the New Year. When the New Year comes we are faced with a “financial debt hangover”, where we then spend the entire year trying to pay off our debt, only to do it all over again! Don’t create new damage and repeat the cycle. 

Cicely Jones is the owner of MPA Financials, a Full Service Accounting Firm with 15 years’ experience.  Cicely has a passion to spread knowledge of financial empowerment by educating clients and giving sound financial advice.




Single Mom Celebrates Twice

Single Mom Celebrates Twice

I remember when I was in college, it was my last semester, December 2004. I had just left the admissions office with my tuition statement and wondered how’d I’m going to pay this bill, without taking out another loan. I had made it this far in my undergraduate studies with staying under the 15K mark of student loans, and didn’t want to go any higher. I remember my mom casually pulling out some paper bonds, saying let’s go to the bank. We did, and my last semester was paid in cash, with a few hundred dollars left to put towards books. She, yet again, had made a way out of now way for me. And she did it alone.

So when I read the story about twins Darion and Varion Walton graduating with their Master’s degree from SHSU, with honors, I could relate. They grew up in a single parent low-income home, which meant their mother’s job was… keep reading here! 

Less Sleep, Lower Grades Study Finds

Less Sleep, Lower Grades Study Finds

I’m friends with a lot a teachers including early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools. I dread having a girls night out them because all it takes is for one question to be brought up about something going on at school, and I’m left scrolling on my phone, with a couple of eye rolls and painful grunts. Because it’s now thirty minutes past, and they’re still discussing how ‘Jimmy’s’ parents haven’t come to the school for a parent conference.

They love what they do, or not (LOL) and are somewhat burnt out but still keep going amid the few advantages of being a teacher – Winter break, Spring Break, paid holidays, oh and did I mention Summer break?! But a common thread that’s heard during their ‘teacher’ discussions is the parallel connection between academic performance and social interactions including sleep, biological changes, screen time, and more.

A recent study found that over 80% of U.S. schools are starting too early for America’s teenagers and that electronic devices play a major role. Government health officials recommend that school days start… to read more, click here!