My Teeth Are Depressing Me!! ~By Sky Houston

My Teeth Are Depressing Me!! ~By Sky Houston

I’ve always had a killer smile. Before I was a Mom, I’d like to think of myself as a “heartthrob” “heartbreaker” or whatever you would call someone who got noticed where ever they went, for their beauty and smile.

And it wasn’t just me thinking this. Even superstar heartthrob Usher Raymond once told me, “You have the smile of an angel…” And I took it as truth. When I would be asked what I thought my favorite physical feature was (after of course my gluteus Maximus and dreamy eyes), I would reply that my SMILE had it hands down! For one, I always had great teeth. Not perfect teeth, but great teeth whose coloring was pearl and breath that was fresh, until that day…

One smoggy Houston day, I realized not only was I suffering from bad breath, but the coloring of my teeth had become a different shade of grey! Well, maybe not that bad, but clearly my newly acquired taste for Starbucks coffee had taken it’s toll on my pearly whites . Now, I am in the fight of my life to sustain and UNstain my pearly prides.


Today I decided to try Opalescence Go! An on the go breath freshener and teeth whitener made by Ultradent. I was hipped to the product by a dentist at Pearland Dental recently, and had yet to try it out. So product review here we go!

Overview: I must say that the packaging is sleek. I was able to store 2 boxes of the product seamlessly under my vanity. Each of the boxes contained 4 easy packets of what looked like mouth pieces.

Step One: Product must be room temperature. First remove the upper tray from and center on arch.

Step Two: Gently suck down on the tray.

Step Three: I repeated this process for the lover tray as well.

Step Four: Lightly tap tray if necessary to secure in place.

Wear for 30-60 minutes per day. When finished remove bleaching tray and brush teeth.

Post trial: I did feel an uncomfortable sensation around 5 mins after taking off the trays. It felt as if my teeth were sensitive. Other than that, it just felt as though there was toothpaste just sitting on my teeth.

I could not tell an immediate difference, but I will try the process each day over the next two weeks to see if there’s a difference. I want that old thing back!! (My White Pearly teeth!)

Thanks for reading :)

~Sky Houston